Champion of storytellers, builder of video tech. Code is my canvas these days. Founded (and sold) browser-based video editor, Simon Says. Thinking and tinkering on generative A.I. Once upon a time I used to produce documentaries.

Projects I am working on or have worked on:

AVflow šŸ‘», no/low code platform to build video applications & workflows in minutes

ProTranscode, create Apple ProRes proxies from R3D / BRAW files, in the cloud (for free!). My goal was to build a fully-functioning app in a day: read more.

Video NFT dApp for filmmakers and their supporters

Simon Says šŸ¦œ (acquired), browser-based, collaborative video editing, enabled by AI transcription

Maven šŸŽ¦, membership-based video channels for creators

Amber Video šŸŽžļøšŸ”, video authentication and provenance, recorded on the blockchain, to counter malicious deepfakes

Entrepreneurship = Activism

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The next web3 step

Ramadan 2022

Ideas Iā€™m thinking about


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